Registration for Onion Day 2020

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Due to the restrictions we have to cope with this year, the annual Onion Day will be held with a different setup.

This year, the Onion Day wil take place on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 September. We will focus on the trials and experiments. Due to the circumstances we will skip the Info Market this year.

Registration for the 2020 Onion Day is required!

We work with 'time slots'. Visitors will have to register upfront and can indicate their preference for a date and time.

Below you can register yourself (and some colleages) and tick the box for the preferred time slot. Please note that the availability per time slot is limited.

Select your preferred time slot below

  Date Start End Availability
3-9-20 08:00 10:00 FULL
3-9-20 10:00 12:00 FULL
3-9-20 13:00 15:00 FULL
3-9-20 15:00 17:00
3-9-20 18:30 20:30
4-9-20 08:00 10:00
4-9-20 10:00 12:00 FULL
4-9-20 13:00 15:00
4-9-20 15:00 17:00